The Lakes Whisky


The Lakes Whisky

The One

Singular in name, well-rounded in nature, this is a characterful blended whisky with the versatility to suit all occasions.

The One is a showcase of our whiskymaker’s blending expertise. At the helm throughout the journey through the distillery and beyond. His single-minded focus at every stage provides continuity of character, our assurance that every flavour possibility is achieved.

This is a singular blend of select grain and malt Scotch whiskies from Speyside and Islay with The Lakes Single Malt at its heart. Non-chill filtered for an easy and smooth drinking experience and bottled at natural colour. The One is a versatile whisky to savour neat, in a refreshing highball or in a classic whisky cocktail.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

- Mark Twain

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